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Tuesday - March 07, 2017
Shade Tree Commission
Tuesday - March 07, 2017
Board of Supervisors'
Tuesday - March 14, 2017
Planning Commission
Wednesday - March 15, 2017
Parks & Open Space
Thursday - March 16, 2017
Zoning Hearing Board



What do I do regarding power outages and how do I find out when the power will be restored?

Please contact PECO at 1-800-841-4141.

What is the township ordinance regarding noise complaints?

The Township ordinance defines disturbing the peace as loud, unnecessary noises during the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. during the week and between 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

Ordinance No. 307 "Disturbing the Peace Ordinance"

What time is the township curfew for juveniles?

The Township has a curfew ordinance which states that juveniles (seventeen years old or younger) must not be in a public place unescorted by an adult between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. The hours for Friday and Saturday are from midnight to 6 a.m.

Ordinance No. 78 "Curfew"

Do you have to register your house or business security alarm with the township?


What are the hours of operation for the police department?

The police department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is an on duty dispatcher at all times.

How do I get a gun permit?

Montgomery County Sheriff's Department

What do I need to do if I go on vacation and my house is vacant

Vacation Notice can be mailed to the Police Department at 960 Wentz Road, Blue Bell, PA 19422. You may also email your information to the Police Department. Email your information to,, or

What do I do if there is a wild animal inside or outside of my house?

Contact an outside contractor.

How do I obtain permission for a block party, etc.?

A written request should be made to the Chief of Police or e-mail the Chief of Police at

How do I apply for a solicitation permit?

Solicitation Permit

Questions regarding moving traffic violations/points systems?


How do I request a commendation for a Police Officer?

Send a letter or e-mail to the Chief of Police at

How do I file a complaint against a police officer?

Citizen's Complaint Against Police Form

How do I set up an appointment for fingerprinting?

Contact the Police Department at 610-279-9033 and ask for the Detective Division.

How do I request a copy of an Police Report (other than a crash report)?

Requests for copies of Police reports may be submitted to the Whitpain Township Police Department by completing and submitting the attached application. Release of certain police reports may be prohibited by law.

Where do I get a Police Crash Report?

Visit This website, sponsored by Carfax, will walk you through the steps you need to obtain your specific report.

Where do I pay my Traffic Ticket or Non-Traffic Ticket?

Traffic & Non-Traffic citations (Parking tickets excluded) may be paid at District Court 38-1-21. The office is located at 653 Skippack Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422. You may contact District Court at 215-646-8201.

Where do I pay my Parking Ticket?

Parking tickets may be paid by mail or in person at the Whitpain Township Police station within 72 hours. The station is staffed 24 hours a day.

Can I make a late report of crime or traffic accident by phone?

Police officers are not permitted to take reports by phone. You must come to the police station or have an officer respond to your home if you are a township resident.

Where can I get information about civil hearings or criminal hearings?

District Court schedules all hearings. District Court offices are located at 653 Skippack Pike, Blue Bell, PA 19422. They may also be contacted via phone at: 215-646-8201.

Where can I find answers regarding my PA Driver's License or motor vehicle registration?

PennDot's website will answer most questions and provides toll-free telephone numbers to assist you.

Where can I get information about the Pennsylvania Driver's License Point System?

Visit PennDot Driver and Vehicle Services

Where can I get information on domestic violence, family disputes, child abuse or child custody?

If you have fear for your (or someone else's) personal safety, contact the Police Department immediately! Below links will provide you with the helpful information or contact points. Additionally, you may want to consult with an attorney on civil matters.

-Women's Center
-Laurel House
-Mission Kids
-Child Line
-PA Coalition/Domestic Violence
-PA Coalition Against Rape

Where can I find information about Protection from Abuse Orders?

You may want to consult with an attorney. The below links will provide you with helpful information or contact points.
-Women's Center
-Laurel House
-PA Coalition/Domestic Violence
-PA Coalition Against Rape

Where can I find information about Montgomery County Offices?

Information regarding county offices and services may be obtained by calling the main switchboard at 610-278-3000 or visit the Montgomery County website.

Where can I find information regarding criminal arrest records?

The Pennsylvania State Police are the central repository for criminal history information in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This site details the steps for obtaining criminal history information.

Where can I find information regarding Child Seat Belt Laws?

You can call the following toll free number 1-800-227-2358. This program is funded by PennDot. The information is provided by the Pennsylvania chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics. You may also contact the PA State Police Barracks.

What do I do if I see a deer, fox, or coyote?

Further information may be obtained from the PA Game Commission at 610-926-3136. If you see a deer, fox or coyote do not try to make contact with the animal. These animals will generally not make contact with humans they will eventually move on.

How do I remove a wild animal from my home?

Contact an outside contractor.

What do I do if I find an injured bird of prey?

Contact Victor Collazo, Skyking Raptor Rescue at 267-977-0289 or

Help save the earth and all her living creatures Rescue, Rehab & Education.